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Book Bites: Workshop with a Literary Agency (MAP)

Book Bitse“You look very familiar, have I seen you at one of my sessions before?”

Needless to say, I was thrilled and surprised that Marysia, the founder of Peony Literary Agency (based in Hong Kong), could remember me from a few years back. Since she was around for the Publishing Symposiums held together with the Singapore Writers’ Festival, The Writers Centre managed to get her down to give the MAP mentees a session on literary agents and what they do.

Marysia showcasing some of the books her agency has brought out.
Marysia showcasing some of the books her agency has brought out.

It was a well-balanced session, with many questions being answered and Marysia going around the room to have tips to give specific genres of writing. And while she mentioned that the publishing industry is having problems worldwide, there is still demand for fiction from this part of the world.

I liked that she went around the room to know where our works were heading for. And therefore, she was able to give advice based on her experiences and what we were working on. While it was true that one needed to network at least a little bit or come up with a few ways to brand yourself as a writer, knowledge of the industry and how it affects specific genres was useful as well.

All in all, I enjoyed this session very much. Many thanks to The Writers Centre, the National Arts Council, and Peony Literary Agency for this workshop! To find out more about Peony Literary Agency, click here.Blanket Fortress Logo


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