Next-in-Reading #31: Myth of the Stone

Next In ReadingTitle: Myth of the Stone – 20th Anniversary Edition
Author: Gwee Li Sui
Year: 2013
Publisher: Epigram Books

“The most natural thing in a dilemma like this is to return to where it all began.”

Singaporean Li-Hsu, stumbled into his adventures in another world as he tries to undo the mistake of his persistent curiosity. Along the way, he learns life lessons from various mythical creatures before having to face off a formidable enemy.


Li-Hsu, Chosen and Confused

A young boy in a curious age, Li-Hsu finds himself in trouble as a result of his stubborn curiosity. In the process, he gets shocked and terrified of the usually-scary changes around him – especially after his entrance into the other parallel. Despite that, he manages to stick to the rest of his journey, slowly breaking away from his dependency and taking responsibility of his actions, knowing the impact he can create on his own.


The Shackles of Humanity…

Going through the first few pages, the main thing that struck my head when the mechanics of the new dimension Li-Hsu was transported to were explained was simply, “Genesis,” (the first book of the Bible) but Genesis inspired and spun into another awesome angle while keeping the essence. With the similar notions of a diabolical enemy and an omnipresent leader, the story later evolved into a coming-of-age tale, with Li-Hsu struggling with his own weaknesses and fears.

Dr. Gwee’s story of the Demon King Ourhimun, who controls all imps, goblins, and nasty creatures, present a great parallel to the shackles of humanity and roads of least resistance. Living in a state where your societal worth is dictated by wealth, status, and power, it can be either very or shockingly easy to relate to the same control which the Demon King holds over the mere imps. (Motives powered by ease or money, anyone?)

Faith and Courage…

He moves along to bring about the lessons of Faith and Courage, from the little lessons that helped Li-Hsu rescue his newfound friends, sneak into enemy ground, fight in battles, and even walk over thin air. The power almighty, White Lord of all, Maudus Rex, acts as the omnipotent figure, always ready to forgive and provide Li-Hsu with the much needed strength and courage. The courage he later used to defeat the Demon King before returning home.

Style & Structure

Myth of the Stone is done in graphic novel form. While a bit messy at the front, the setting is set up very quickly. On top of that, Dr. Gwee made good use of images to bring out the imagery of the written piece, balancing the visuals and the speech. While it was a little messy or cramped in the first few pages, I would attribute that to the need of setting the scene before continuing the story.

This edition of The Myth of the Stone celebrated its 20th Anniversary. For more information on Myth of the Stone, click here.

In the meantime…

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