Update [September 2014]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (Yeah, it’s today. Pretty much.)

Literary Event of the Month

I am incredibly grateful to the organisers of the Mentor Access Project (MAP). Having being accepted into this latest batch, I think it goes without saying that the literary event for me this month was the Welcome Tea I went to.

Blanket Fortress Play

BFP - Sept

Blanket Fortress Play this month features a couple of games we decided to give a try while having a somewhat overdue session at Settlers’ Café, a board game café situated around Clarke Quay. Go take a look as I share my thoughts on Blokus: Trigon and Shadows Over Camelot.

Writery Endeavours and Wattpad

I have been waiting for a few replies from some publications, but I would say all is well.

Wattpad - Sept

My Wattpad this month includes “Vanity Anonymous – the Death of Mirrors”, a poem I wrote for fun, and “Unwanted Utopia IV: Gateway“, together with an edited version of “Unwanted Utopia III: Rebirth“. I hope you’d enjoy reading these new entries!

Coming Next Month…

Stay tuned for these features coming up next month!:

  • MAP Writer’s Retreat
  • Nanowrimo and Writer’s Festival prep
  • More Next-in-Reading posts
  • More Blanket Fortress Play and Wattpad posts

Whatever is to come!Blanket Fortress Logo


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