Next-in-Reading #22: Falling for Lionheart

Next In ReadingTitle: Falling for Lionheart
Author: Ilias Kyriazis
Year: 2010
IDW Publishing

“Leo. / Angela. / I’m very glad we’ll be working together.”

Part of a banding group of superheroes, Leo “Lionheart” Heartfield continues to pursue Angela, the lady of the group who always seemed to be in need of a good time in bed. While he sighs at the superficial whims of the rest of his group in resignation, he meets Cassandra, an independent artist who sparks something that seemed to have died of within him – his passion.


Leo “Lionheart” Heartfield, the Reluctant Hero

Leo probably represents the vast majority of fame-seekers – people who dream big and dream about living big, leaving legacies, or living the celebrity life. As one who is already “living the dream”, he realizes that the grass is only greener on the other side of the bridge because it was full of manure. The constant sex and superficiality he has to deal with only brings out the true side of him – his integrity and devotion to Angela.

Cassandra, who Won the Heart of a Lion

If Leo was looking for the door to a passion he could pursue with integrity, Cassandra was probably his key. The personification of the alternative, she presents herself to be everyone Leo wants but does not have – true passion, independence, confidence, and a creative integrity which is appreciated by the people around her. Like Leo, she is true to her feelings, but has more room to exercise it without judgment.



Integrity – both personal and creative – is a big theme through the story. Leo draws to express himself, but feels that his personal integrity is being questioned when the people around him diss this “hobby” of his, saying that it’s something unbecoming or laughable done by a superhero. Ironically, it’s probably the only aspect about him that rings true. While Cassandra is true to herself and her work, he can only be true to his work because it will not judge him back.

Cassandra takes personal integrity rather seriously as well, breaking off their relationship even before it starts because of Leo keeping his true identity a secret. With Leo struggling to keep his personal integrity, he finally finds it in Cassandra, despite finally getting the girl he wanted in the first place.

Style & Structure

Unlike many graphic novels, where entire stories are told in one distinct or similar style, Falling for Lionheart is told with two rather different styles – depicting the point of view from the narrator, and the point of view of Leo. As meta as it seems, this style provides a more personal feel to the story, enhancing Leo’s sincerity and integrity to his work and who he truly is.

Falling for Lionheart is created by Ilias Kyriazis and published by IDW Publishing. To find out more about the book, click here.

In the meantime…

Stay tuned for next week, where I reread an old classic from my primary school days. I’ll see you then!Blanket Fortress Logo


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