Decode: Adventure

Decode: Adventure: Penang Adventure 2014

Decode AdventureOne funny thing about our visit to Penang was how both the Tiger and I got asked the same question from two separate people who were in town as well…

“Are you here for the Georgetown Festival?”

Technically we were not, just around for a holiday, but since it was happening, we decided to enjoy the festive environment anyway. From one island, to another, that is. In honour of the Georgetown Festival, I decided that my posts about Penang will not be by day, but by theme. So many things have happened over the past few days so it would be easier to consolidate them into a few themes – Art, Food, and Museum Escapades. So check out the posts on our trip to Penang!

You can follow our updates with the tag “penang adventure 2014”! Blanket Fortress Logo


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