Update [July 2014]

Literary Event of the Month

July was a bit of a slow month for me – though it was quickly occupied with work and the application for the Mentor Access Project 2014. However, I am glad I managed to catch the launch of Liquid City: Volume 3 in Singapore’s Kinokuniya Main Store.

One half of the panel of artists during the launch.
One half of the panel of artists during the launch.

Great work to Joyce, Sonny, and all the artists who contributed to this wonderful piece!

Blanket Fortress Play

BFP Jul 2014

This month’s Blanket Fortress Play features Star Trek: Catan and one of the favourites of both the Tiger and myself: Citadels. You can take a closer look at them on Blanket Fortress Play itself.

Writery Endeavours and Wattpad


Like I’ve mentioned, July was a rather slow month for me creatively, mostly because of work and due to the fact that I’ve been concentrating on my application to the Mentor Access Project for 2014. Following my Unwanted Utopia short stories, I’ve decided to write something along those lines.

However, I did manage to enter something for the Shakespeare in SG event under Writing the City late last month. So you can check out the both the stories I developed (though I only sent in one), “Innocence Through Madness” and “Ways of the Matriarch” on my Wattpad.

Coming Next Month…

Many of those I know say that once the second half of the year is upon us, everything will speed through. So here’s a list of things to look forward to in August:

  • National Day of Singapore
  • Results of the Mentor Access Project 2014
  • A new story in the works
  • More Next-in-Reading posts
  • More Blanket Fortress Play posts
  • More Wattpad uploads
  • And well, Liquid City Volume 3 launch in KL!Blanket Fortress Logo

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