Signal Boost

Signal Boost: Art Studio & Forgotten Names Recalled

Signal BoostThis is Jo coming to you from KL (or Penang, depending on which part of the week you’re reading this) to bring you two events happening at The Arts House this coming weekend!

First thing – Art Studio by Yeng Pway Ngon, translated to English by Goh Beng Choo and Loh Guan Liang. A story about arts, politics, and crossing paths, this session will be covering English translation, its challenges, and Chinese fiction in Singapore.

Event: ART STUDIO by Yeng Pway Ngon – Launch
1st August 2014, Friday
Living Room, The Arts House

This session will be conducted in English. For more information, click here.

But if historical fiction is more your thing, dive into the stories of the Singapore Cenotaph. There are 124 names listed on our Cenotaph, and Rosemary Lim has collected the stories of 112. Join her, Pierre Lee (Frenchmen), Elaine Young (Scotsmen), and Rosanne Woodmansee (The Cenotaph’s Story & ANZACs) for an afternoon of recounts, research, and Singapore’s role in the First World War.

Event: Forgotten Names Recalled by Rosemary Lim – Launch
3rd August 2014, Sunday
The Chambers, The Arts House

For more information on the book and the event, click here. Blanket Fortress Logo


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