Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind

Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: On Reading, and on “Reading”

Eternal SightsOn Reading, and On “Reading”

“It’s for your own good.”
Is this what it’s come to?
To be told, dictated, forced
to only think as you do?

“This is not good for you…”
But have you looked deeper?
Or have you merely gleamed,
Forgoing story for the cover?

“You should not be reading this.”
Yet why, I don’t understand.
It shows no culling, no negativity
And tells me stories as I am.

“They will only harm you.”
How? You do not say…
I’ve not noticed anything bad,
Just happy stories showing love as the way.

“We have to stop them!”
I sigh while you cite to back your thoughts.
Yet who’s to say what’s natural,
When it’s unnatural hate that you’ve brought?

~ Joelyn Alexandra

I believe there is enough rhetoric about books, literacy, reading, and book-banning being thrown around these days. Many things have been said, many things have been discussed, many things have been done. And after all the things that have been said, I can only say this.

We often underrate the importance of personal responsibility, probably because we tend to deflect blame onto things out of our control and not work on ourselves because it’s so much easier. Ultimately, however, the responsibility of our direct actions fall onto us – what we grow to learn falls onto us, who we grow to be falls onto us. And deciding what our younger generations should read in such a violent matter (e.g. demanding books to be banned or pulped) does NOT promote a wholesome society. It not only impinges on the rights and the humanity of others, it insults the intellectual capabilities of our children and their potential to think critically and communicate with others well.

So if we want to become a nation of harmony, then we had better start by becoming a nation of humanity.Blanket Fortress Logo


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