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Museum Escapades: Once Upon a Time in Asia

Museum EscapadesIt has been a while since I blogged about a museum experience, so I thought this small, yet interesting exhibition would be a good fit.

The Tiger and I headed to the Asian Civilisations Museum for the afternoon, and it just so happened that it was their Open Day – which meant everyone could get in for free. Instead of heading for the permanent exhibits, we decided to take a look at the event that was happening in one of their side galleries.

After a long overdue visit to a museum!
After a long overdue visit to a museum!

Held in conjunction with the Children’s Festival, Once Upon a Time in Asia was a side exhibition for children visiting the museum to share their stories and engage their senses.

Upon entering the exhibition hall, we could see a tree with colourful, stuffed animals on its branches – the centerpiece of the room – and a maze for the kids to navigate through. There were five different sections, each dealing with the five main senses kids are taught in school – spotting and identifying animals on the iSpy wall, navigating the maze to look for impressions to shade out, or sniffing and pointing out different scents.

Activities for the kids
Activities for the kids
The Story Tree
The Story Tree
Kids finding their way through the maze
Kids finding their way through the maze
I spy...
I spy…
Sculptures for kids to feel and name textures...
Sculptures for kids to feel and name textures…

At the end of their activities, the kids also got to draw or write their stories before each heart-shaped piece of paper is hung on a wall for all to see.

What the Tiger and I found incredibly interesting was this group of sculptures which were displayed in the same room as well. Created only with paper and acrylic, these intricate sculptures intrigued us – especially with how detailed it was and how much effort we could see in the piece itself.

Snaking pieces...
Snaking pieces…
... that form a masterpiece
… that form a masterpiece

They actually reminded me of the collective greatness of many individuals, but also about how we have been using the limited resources we have and the delicate relationship between the final products we have been using, and the root source of these products – food for thought, if you would ask me.

For more information on the Asian Civilisations Museum and what other programmes they have, click here.Blanket Fortress Logo


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