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Book Bites: Comic Artist Face-Off

Book BitseThere is a term in writing known as the “Round Robin”, where different creators pass a piece of work around a table to complete a certain portion of the work. Over the previous weekend, that was exactly what we decided to go take a look at. The only difference? This was done with comic artists.

An artist's rendition of James Tan, Drewscape, and Miel.
An artist’s rendition of James Tan, Drewscape, and Miel.

The event started with Sakinah from NLB introducing the three featured artists for the day – James Tan, Andrew Tan a.k.a. Drewscape, and Miel. After which, Andrew briefly explained the mechanics and the theme of the Comics Round Robin the various tables were going to do that day before it started.

With the theme of “Auntie Dapao!”, the artists got to work with whatever the library provided.

At the end of it, each table of three produced three different comics, with drawings and style from each artist in each comic. The Tiger’s (who registered for the event) table had a cute collection of stories, featuring devil fish and blue carrot zombies.

Before they all started work.
Before they all started work.

While it was a quick and simple event, I thought it was rather meaningful experience, especially for the artists – it’s good to work those creative muscles in a different way once in a while. Hopefully, we will get to experience this among other writers pretty soon.

For more information on other activities organised by Read! Singapore, click here.Blanket Fortress Logo


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