Update [June 2014]

Literary Event of the Month

This month passed quicker than expected, if you asked me. Book Bites itself has seen quite a few posts coming in quickly this month, covering CAFKL and the preview screening of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. However, I would say that the literary event of this month is probably Fantasy Fandom, held by the National Library and READ! Singapore.

Many thanks to Read! Fest and the National Library!
Many thanks to Read! Fest and the National Library!

Blanket Fortress Play

I think the Tiger and I have been trying to find more opportunities to play more analog games with our friends, and we might plan to head to a few meet-ups soon.


That aside, the Blanket Fortress Play sees “Glory to Rome” and “Takenoko”, a couple of my choice games, joining the collection.

Writery Endeavours and Wattpad

Let me take some time to forget about the rest of my writer-y endeavours and just say this:



After a couple of months from the launch in KLCC Kinokuniya, my contributor copies for KL Noir: Blue finally arrived! If you would like to find out where to get it, visit the Buku Fixi website or click here.

In the universe of Wattpad, I’ve managed to upload “Unwanted Utopia I”, previously published in Ayam Curtain, and “Assassination”, a flash fic piece I wrote with Lyn’s prompt of ‘genetically enhanced soldiers’. I hope you enjoy them!

Coming Next Month…

July brings another round of Camp Nanowrimo, so you won’t be seeing any Next-in-Reading posts for the coming month. They’ll be back in August though. Apart from that, however, here’s what we can look forward to in July:

  • Camp Nanowrimo
  • Book Launches and Events!
  • The Garfield Run
  • Hari Raya Puasa festivities
  • More posts and happenings

And I’ll see you all in July!Blanket Fortress Logo


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