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Book Bites: Fantasy Fandom!

Book BitseIn conjunction with Read! Fest Singapore, Sarah was asked to host a fantasy fandom party at the Jurong Regional Library. With quizzes, photo-taking, and a fun time to be had, some of us made our way down to the library that evening. (Also, I was co-hosting. LOL.)

Fantasy Fandom in Jurong Regional Library!
Fantasy Fandom in Jurong Regional Library!

It was the summer solstice, so the air-conditioned interior of the library was much preferred. Raven brought her Harry Potter robe to dress up, but decided it was too hot to actually put it on. The Tiger, J, Mint, and Mintea popped by as well.

We managed to fill up a few rows with fantasy fans, some of them more excitable than ours. While Sarah and I went around giving prizes for the quiz questions and impromptu giveaways through our presentation, it was rather comforting to know younger people equally excited about the things we go crazy over as well.

(Note: And it is always cool to meet fellow Nerdfighters in the crowd.)

Turnout at the event.
Turnout at the event.
Sarah's Flygdrake guarding the slides
Sarah’s Flygdrake guarding the slides

I guess the best part of the event was when Sarah told us her version of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” – getting a heck of a lot of laughs, it ended the event on a great note.

Therefore, I do hope that we will be able to participate in more events like these in the future – perhaps with different genres and more interest groups as well. Hopefully, it will provide that spark in our people, and that we will start to appreciate reading for leisure.

For more information on Read! Fest and other Library Activities, click here.

Many thanks to Read! Fest and the National Library!
Many thanks to Read! Fest and the National Library!

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