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Book Bites: No Q? No Problem!

Book BitseA couple of months back, NoQStore Asia approached me with the intention of sponsoring one of my Next-in-Reading blog posts. After doing so, they were incredibly kind to have given me a few perks at their store, so here’s my shopping experience with them.

Just to give you a little bit of background, NoQStore Asia is an online book store set up by Times Publishing, with books spanning across various genres, topics, and in almost any way shape or form. Its witty name does what it says, you can get your books without any queues.

I got – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (by Ransom Riggs), The Great Gatsby (by F. Scott Fitzgerald), and a reflection diary that I thought was pretty cute (produced by Crown Publishing).

Shopping at NoQStore Asia was nothing short of convenient and user-friendly. Apart from the well-categorized products and an easy-to-find search bar, finding your preferred product is simple. NoQStore often has discounts on their (already reduced priced) books as well, so do look out for their reduced prices or sale periods.


At the same time, the store stays true to their statement of a “7 – 14 working days” delivery policy. My books came within two weeks or so, nicely packed together in a single package so there will be minimal wastage.

Also, do not worry if your order happens to be big. The Tiger ordered quite a few books and they managed to pack it into a box big and convenient enough to be carried around, so kudos to the NoQStore logistics!

In conclusion, it was a pleasant experience – I was able to purchase the titles I wanted and they were delivered well and quickly. Do take note though – you may have to wait a while for newer titles to pop up in this store, and they only calculate GST during checkout so just take note. Regardless, I enjoyed my shopping experience with them and you can be sure that I will be going back to NoQStore Asia again.

Note: Thanks to NoQStore Asia, all readers of this blog are entitled to a 15% discount on NoQStore. Just enter the coupon code ‘JOELYN15’ upon checkout to enjoy this perk! You can starting shopping here.Blanket Fortress Logo


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