Update [Mar 2014]

Literary Event of the Month

I’m having a bit of a hard time writing this section because we had a few good events and trails in Australia. However, I would say that my literary event of the month would be our Book Trail in Australia.

Gorgeous view from the top level
Gorgeous view from the top level of the Victoria State Library

The Adelaide Writers’ Week was incredible though, and it has a mention in the post of the Book Trail so you can access my other Writers’ Week posts through there too! You could have a glimpse on the rest of the events through the Writers’ Week blog here as well.

Blanket Fortress Play

Blanket Fortress Play saw a couple more card games this month – Fictionaire and Gloom. I was introduced to Citadels (FINALLY) so that may appear on the blog soon enough. Game of the Month for Team Hypercube this month was Dexterity Games, so you can check out their channel for those.

Regardless, I am looking forward to Tabletop Day (5 APRIL)! Probably have a post here on our analog game adventures that day!


Writery Endeavours and Wattpad

Next-in-Reading carries on, with a rather diverse range of stuff – a gothic graphic novel, a light-hearted piece of crime fic, and a collection of poems by one of my favourite Singaporean writers, Guan Liang. Do check out some of his stuff in various journals and anthologies as well.

At the same time, I’ve been giving out my samplers here and there, so many thanks to the Tiger, the Valkyrie Knights (Sarah, Raven, Mintea, Avarielle, Lyn, J, Nicole, Julian), Valerie, Sarah-Mae, Kenny, Sean, and many others for your help and feedback on the sampler =)


And as a quick side note, two other shorts, Flesh & Foliage, and Repellant, are up on my Wattpad this month. Hope you enjoy reading them!

Coming next month…

April will be a busy month for me, but do check back for all these coming up:

  • Camp Nanowrimo! – Click here to check it out, like a more flexible version of Nanowrimo.
  • Tabletop Day!
  • Next-in-Reading posts
  • More Wattpad uploads
  • The rest of our Melbourne adventure posts!Blanket Fortress Logo

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