Update [Feb 2014]: Reporting from Adelaide!

Okay, not exactly from Adelaide but I actually am in Australia, visiting Adelaide during the first few days of the Writers Week and Melbourne after that. So without dilly-dallying around, here are the updates for the past month!

Literary Event of the Month

My encounter with the literary arts this month comes in the form of a book binding session with the wonderful people from Press Play. Apart from talking about chapbooks and poetry collections, we still got to sew and bind our own notebooks.

My notebook, the Tiger's, and the Press Play catalogue for Q1 2014.
My notebook, the Tiger’s, and the Press Play catalogue for Q1 2014.

Blanket Fortress Play

Once again, I got to post for Team Hypercube’s Game of the Month (Space Games in Feb 2014) so that was fun.


Writery Endeavours and Wattpad

February has been quite busy for me as well – interviews for a new job and settling logistics for my trip to Australia. However, Next-in-Reading still goes on, with new entries weekly. I particularly enjoyed reading The Book Thief this month, so I hope to hear what you have to say about the book as well!

At the same time, my sampler portfolios just came in so I’m pretty excited about giving them out.

Lastly, my Wattpad accounts sees another two short stories being uploaded – “Do Your Magic” and “The Last Dragon Chaser“. Hope you enjoy those stories and look out for more to come!

Coming next month… 

Stay tuned for these coming in March!:

  • Distributing my new samplers…
  • Next-in-Reading posts
  • More Wattpad uploads
  • Adelaide and Melbourne posts!
  • And a new day job (so schedule adjustments impending!)Blanket Fortress Logo

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