Typocraftical: Type + Print

Sometimes, things that seem complicated or out of reach can be quite simple. The Tiger and I got reminded of that during our last Press Play session, organized by Press Play together with GoLibrary. This time, we signed up for a Typography and Silkscreen class, held in Woodlands Regional Library.

The class was taught by artists from Monster Gallery, which does quite a few mediums here and there – rubber stamps, printing, silk screening etc…

So we started with the first part of the class, which was to create our own font based on a word of our choice.

Calligraphy!!! Fonting in progress...
Calligraphy!!! Fonting in progress…
Our instructor from Monster Gallery speaking about font design
Our instructor from Monster Gallery speaking about font design

The instructors were really attentive as well, going around to each individual to give tips and feedback on how to improve our fonts and tips on how the font will look like after the silk screening. Shortly after everyone was done with their fonts, we moved on to the silk screening.

General instructions given on what to do with the screening mesh
General instructions given on what to do with the screening mesh
Painting on the filler
Painting on the filler

I would say that I like working with paint. It’s really fun and I actually like controlling a brush, especially for things like this. The red filler used in this case acts as a filter to the ink which the printer will use to wipe over the mesh later. Therefore, this stencil acts like a negative to the finished product – what you paint is what will be left blank.

Then came the final instructions for printing…

Dab with ink...
Dab with ink…
Flood and apply...
Flood and apply…
And finished product!
And finished product!

It was very basic once you got to do it a few times. And the finished product of something you had fun making will always be something you would appreciate.

The tools, frames, and inks can be found in many art shops in Singapore, all you need to do is ask. One of the great things about silk screening was the versatility of it – with the correct inks and materials, you can do your own printing on cards, book covers, bags, tees, the possibilities are quite open.

Many thanks to Monster Gallery for the wonderful session. To find out more about them, click here. Thanks to GoLibrary and Press Play for organizing this activity as well. To find out more about their programmes, click here.

The Tiger's print and mine.
The Tiger’s print and mine.

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