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Book Bites: Binding and Books!

Book BitseI feel that the novel is a great opportunity for many types of creativity, literary or not. You have the literary side – the content, editorial. You have the artistic side – book arts, covers, binding, picture books. You have the audio side – audio books, associated listening. You get the gist.

Therefore, one of my literary events this month got me rather excited because it’s something I wanted to go for for a while but have been putting off a bit too much – Book Binding.

Class in session
Class in session

Thanks to the GoLibrary and Press Play Singapore team, libraries all over Singapore are holding workshops for various hobbies and personal education. I got to go for Bookbinding with the Tiger this time, and it was a pretty short but sweet session.

Before we got started, our instructor, Joey, was explaining the different uses of book binding in different kinds of publications – chapbooks, full collections, and anthologies. Many of our local chapbooks tend to take the perfect binding route, for stability. For this session, we were doing the Pamphlet Stitch.

Starting out...
Starting out…

Starting with an awl (paper piercing tool) and an improvised ruler, we started threading our papers and cover. So it was a matter of sewing in order and making sure that everything was pieced together properly.

Our awl and ruler.
Our awl and ruler. The numbers serve as guides to where the thread goes through.
Holding everything together with thread and paper clips.
Holding everything together with thread and paper clips.

So after sewing everything together, we got our final product – a 10-page notebook with a nice folk art print cover. Great for personal notes or as a gift to others (if you don’t really want to make cards).

My notebook, the Tiger's, and the Press Play catalogue for Q1 2014.
My notebook, the Tiger’s, and the Press Play catalogue for Q1 2014.

Many thanks to Press Play and GoLibrary for organizing such events! And thanks to Joey for her guidance and instruction through this workshop. Am looking forward to many more sessions!

To find out more about GoLibrary and the courses they have to offer, click here. To find out about Press Play Singapore and all the fun stuff they do, click here.Blanket Fortress Logo


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