Update [Jan 2014]: Happy Chinese New Year!

First thing’s first, here’s wishing all readers…


The Lunar New Year this year also marks the end of January, so here’s a recap of what happened during the first month of 2014:

Literary Event of the Month

It has been hectic indeed! Apart from the book launches and courses this month, I would say that the literary event of January goes to Comics Mayhem, a session of great creative energy and where comic artists just gather and share ideas and tips.

Held in LaSalle School of the Arts
Held in LaSalle School of the Arts

Blanket Fortress Play

The tumblr has seen a few posts since the year started. So far, all of them happen to be about the analog games I’ve been playing. In the words of the Tiger, I’m pretty much not sorry for the sudden obsession with board games. LOL.

Check out the latest post - inspired by the latest gameplay video from Tabletop!
Check out the latest post – inspired by the latest gameplay video from Tabletop!

Writery Endeavours and Wattpad

Next-in-Reading has seen its first two posts – The Name of the Star and Boxers so far. If you’re interested in literary analysis, do leave a comment on what you think about my take.

Offline, I’ve been working on a few short stories. I have yet to receive any official confirmations but it’s nice to know that I have written something. The major work-in-progress has been going relatively well too, thanks to the Tiger and my beta readers on that.

Lastly, I’ve decided to upload unpublished short stories on my Wattpad, so do go there if you would like to see what I’ve been writing over the last few months.

My latest uploads so far...
My latest uploads so far…

Coming next month…

So far, February has been rather planned out for me. I do not have much confirmed at the moment but do stay tuned for these:

  • The first step of a new portfolio
  • GoLibrary craft sessions
  • Next-in-Reading posts
  • More Wattpad uploads
  • Vacation plans
  • And an announcement…

Stay tuned and I’ll see you as February comes!

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