Signal Boost

Signal Boost: Phantom… Escapes?

Signal BoostThis is going to be a short one but I think this may leave an interesting after taste.

While the Tiger and I were on our way home last night, we came across a shop sign which was intriguing, to say the least. In order to satiate our curiosity, we ended up going up to the shop (which did not look like it was opened in any way) and asking what they were about.

That was when the guy in the place with the following sign said…


“We’re a Real Escape Game place.”

I will give you a few seconds to scream (in excitement) inside.

Fans of the Real Escape Game Singapore will associate Real Escape Game with a huge place where teams spend an hour wrecking their brains, trying to escape from a particular scenario. The annoying thing about it sometimes is the fact that these events do not have a fixed schedule. Sometimes, the timings just don’t fit.

Enter The Phantom Joker Escape, a physical space where you can play different “escape” scenarios (objectives for each puzzle differ too – you might not be escaping every room!). Official opening’s this Saturday (18th January) so there might be some promotion going on or you may get to get the first glimpse!

You can find out more about them here, or here.

The Phantom Joker Escapes is located at 146 Neil Road.

Note: The above-featured picture is from the main website itself.

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