Update [2014]: Kicking off 2014!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much on this platform. That’s pretty much because I haven’t been doing so.

First things first, you would notice that I’ve changed the title of this blog – The Blanket Fortress is a Metaphor! To find out the rationale behind this, click “About” and have a laugh.

Second, I’ve just been doing a bit of reorganizing and planning for the coming year. Just a bit of focus and a kind of a loose schedule to stick to – I won’t be posting every day though, so posts in various categories will appear here as and when. I’m hoping to post at least once every week.

Therefore, here’s what you can expect for 2014.


Monday: Literary analysis and summaries of various novels I’m reading at the moment.

Next In Reading


Tuesday: What we do when the Jo travels.Decode Adventure

Museum Escapades


Wednesday: Anything to announce? I’ll probably place it here.Signal Boost


Thursday: When things get ponder-y and I feel like talking about it here.Eternal Sights


Friday: Any literary event, local or international, that I went to.Book Bitse


Saturday: Board Games and Muse Moments =) Muse MomentBlanket Fort Plays

So there you have it! On top of that, I’ll be maintaining my hobby blog (Pinball, Analog games, Embroidery) every 1st and 15th and my Wattpad every 14th and 28th of the month. Or at least try. At the same time, I’ll be collaborating with a few other people this year so I’ll be updating this blog as the projects come.

Therefore, stay tuned and I hope to see you around as we look forward to this 2014 =)!

Blanket Fortress Logo


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