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Book Bites: When I was a Kid… too.

Book BitseThere are many nostalgic, mostly embarrassing stories we have as kids. Cheeming Boey, Malaysian artist and writer, has presented his childhood stories in a book. This time, he has come back again with a second volume, and a deeper understanding on the motivation behind “When I was a Kid 2.”

A glance at his notes as he relays the story.
A glance at his notes as he relays the story.

Raven and I took the trip down to Kinokuniya (Main Store, Orchard) for his Meet-the-Author session, where copies of “When I was a Kid,” “When I was a Kid 2,” and a limited edition Boey sketch/flip book were placed neatly at the front of his presentation table.

Note: He apparently remembered Raven, greeting her with the phrase, “So no costume today?”, she was at the event space before I was.

It was not long until he revelled us with a few recounts from his childhood, anecdotes which resonated within us as he spoke about learning math, parental expectations, and fearsome encounters with teachers before you were 10-years-old. We laughed, not just because it was funny, but also because of the relatability of his stories. The stories, though, took a graver turn later on.

Many people will talk about how supportive their family and friends were, and how they had the encouragement of loving parents who had full confidence in them. Boey, in turn, gave an honest account of the pressure he faced in his younger years – something many of us could relate to – where being talented in something like Art was as good as having no talent. Though he later mentioned that his parents are proud of him today, it was a refreshing feeling, that what many creators go through, especially with their loved ones, is not something to be embarrassed about (Or hide, for the matter). I was incredibly moved and encouraged at the honesty of it all.

And thank you again, Boey!
And thank you again, Boey!

The signing took a while, but it was a really great because Boey took the time to talk to and sign for every single person in the queue. I got a copy of “When I was a Kid 2” for myself and the sketchbook for the Tiger.

And there you go, that was Boey’s Meet-the-Author are the Kinokuniya main store. I enjoyed it and I look forward to reading the 2nd volume of his autobiographical pieces again. For more information on Boey and the awesome stuff he does, click here.

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