Current State of Mind

It’s September 2013. And I don’t really have a lot to say for the moment.

For those who are still reading this blog, I’m entirely grateful. The hiatus I took definitely gave me that extra bit of time to re-examine the direction of where I would like to go, at least for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I feel like there should be some form of witness to what I figured out during this break.

I’ve been wanting to work on my major projects for a while, and as most projects go, you get distracted with everything else – blogs, tweets, bills, work (yes, work). Therefore, as an initial step to get off my scattered self and focus, I decided to take a break from the other things that have been taking up my time – Coffee with Valkyries, Project: Regional, Vellum & Ink, and this blog. Mostly to stabilize myself in my day job first and finally get down to planning my major projects.

So here’s a glimpse of what’s going to happen for the last quarter of the year:

Project: Regional

The posts will be coming back. I’ve been back-dating the posts so it will be up to date by next Sunday. It will be running until the end of this year, before I turn that tumblr into another project.

Vellum & Ink

The site will be on hiatus indefinitely, until I manage to find the time and the structure to fit it into my schedule. This blog’s Book Bites, Signal Boosts, and a new section coming next year will be covering local literary events and publications as well so we’ll see.

Coffee with Valkyries

Like Vellum & Ink, Coffee with Valkyries will be taking a break until coming back again in the beginning of next year.

This blog and other things

I’ll still be posting stuff here periodically, if time and inspiration permits. I should be able to regain a more regular posting schedule once the new year starts, where this blog will take a more focussed direction and a few tweaks here and there.

Major Projects

I will be working on my solo novel this coming Nanowrimo and another graphic novel script which I’ve finished during Camp Nanowrimo (in July). On top of that, I’ll be stabilizing my income so I’ll be able to pay my bills for the foreseeable future while I concentrate on my writing.

Again, I apologise profusely for the erratic nature of my presence on my other sites. And I thank you all for reading this blog. I will still be on Twitter @joelynalexandra and I do hope to see you all again.

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