Weekend Missions: Mental Stimulation

We started the afternoon with the 4th instalment of The Real Escape Game in Singapore, and its 1st instalment for 2013, Escape the Haunted Ship.


Raven, the tiger, and myself, like in the previous games, never really had that much of a problem with the initial puzzles. And like in the previous games, post-chest lock was a killer. It was, however, a really well-executed puzzle though – so we concede defeat. If you’d ask me, all the games line up as such, starting from the most difficult:

Escape the Haunted Ship
Escape the Werewolf Village
Escape the Haunted House (Online)
The Famous Last Will of Dr. Mad
Escape the Cathedral

The next instalment will be coming in December, around Christmas – Escape from the Bank. So stay tuned to their Facebook Page for more information!

After that, the tiger and I ended up at Settlers’ Café with Eugene and Andrea, the tiger’s friends from primary/ high school. Settlers’, for those not in the know, is a board game café near the Clarke Quay area.

So a quick round of Saboteur later, Andrea introduced this game to us – Betrayal of the House on the Hill.

In short, it was awesome.

Betrayal of the House on Hill combined the intensity of Cluedo, the freeplay of Saboteur, and the intrigue of almost every Murder Mystery Dinner session you’ve been to. For more information on this game, click here.

So here you go, the recount of my truly mentally stimulating weekend. I’m now tempted to get “Betrayal of the House on the Hill”.Blanket Fortress Logo



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