BEDA 2013.1 #29: Almost there…

So we’re 29 days into April, which means the first stretch of BEDA 2013 is coming to an end.

Since tomorrow’s a Tuesday and I usually blog about the weekend adventures then, so I thought I’ll just blog about my thoughts on this year’s BEDA so far in this post.

BEDA came to me in the second half of 2011, launching me into this frenzy of actually going through with it in the August of 2011. After which, the habit just stuck.

I will admit it, some of these posts are back-dated (albeit kept to a minimum), and some of them are incredible cop-outs. Despite all that, I do appreciate the value of Blog Every Day in April/ August. In the past four BEDAs alone (including this one), I realised that the times where great micro-fic and poetry ideas come into my head were usually during BEDA.

This year was no different.

This year, however, I had the company of various awesome soundtracks, more awesome people, and the discovery of the Vlogbrothers (and the privilege of catching up on all their videos while I went through with my BEDA posts), to make things more awesome.

I say the word “awesome” a lot. Gosh.

So yes, BEDA April 2013 has been great, I look forward to BEDA August 2013. And catching up on my reading.

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