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BEDA 2013.1 #27: Detox, a Micro-Fic Series Finale(?)


To Mr. Stephen Chung,


This letter was written to inform you that I do not have any further intention to continue with your current request for the investigation of Mr. Rickson Watt.

In the process of my investigation, it has come to my attention that Mr. Watt’s ownership of the information and contacts you have mentioned were not conducted under the name of your organisation. In fact, evidence has repeatedly shown your harassment of the parties involved, with a coincidental attempt in burglarising your office.

While I do not have the authority to continue with this particular development, I do strongly advise you to come to terms with your conflict with Mr. Watt.

I believe your museum will continue to stand as it does. After all, you probably know where it should and will go. You are free to contact me further. However, please do note that like our previous meeting, I am not obliged to entertain any request deemed unsuitable.

Therefore, please find your refund enclosed with this letter, together with your required compensation.

Thank you and best wishes in your museum and future investments.

Lyra Cheng


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