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BEDA 2013.1 #26: Four Major Projects

While I was tweaking my logo (hopefully done by next week, if my GIMP skills are still up and running) and working on a graphic novel series script that popped into my head a few weeks back, it occurred to me that I had to differentiate the protagonists of my four major projects. This is so I don’t run the risk of overlapping them too much anyway.

Somehow or rather, how they deal with boredom seemed to come into my head quite swiftly (sign that I’ve been watching too much Sherlock)…

Trina Othello longs to be bored.
Myst Law is perpetually bored.
Aeris Wong is never bored.
Autumn Phoenix finds her situation incredibly boring.

So I guess that’s something to start with. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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