BEDA 2013.1 #23: The Sacred and The Profane

I was invited to this choral showcase featuring local group Seira last weekend. The concert was held in the School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore, with a set list consisting a number of classics, guest singers and musicians, and a jazz composition of various various in Mass. Intrigued, I said okay to a ticket.

The welcome sign to all members of the audience.
The welcome sign to all members of the audience.

The performance was held in a smallish black box, something intimate and fresh – compared to my last choral showcase in Esplanade Recital Theatre – and it felt rather personal, like they were singing just for you. I especially liked the duet for Sous le dôme épais (The Flower Duet) in their first set, Scarborough Fair in their second set, and both Seira’s renditions of the Catholic Mass (traditional and jazz) after the intermission.

Guest singer Natasha Da Costa did a great job with I Dreamed a Dream and Castle on a Cloud from the musical Les Misérables. So did the French Ladies’ Choir, pianist Amanda Lee, and baritone Zhuang Jie.

While Seira is not the grand choir some people may hope for, but I find their take on the traditional and secular pieces fresh and sincere. The chemistry between singers could be spotted, and you know they do this for the love of music. This brings me to the next question – how many talents are we unconsciously ignoring in pursuit of other immediates? Hmmm…

I do look forward to Seira’s next performance, and I hope they will get better and a greater audience as they go along. For more information on them, click here. Also, catch a glimpse of what they sang here.

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