BEDA 2013.1 #21: Accompanied by Scarborough Fair

Now, imagine.

Imagine an open, emerald meadow. As you stretch your arms in the direction of the sun, its warmth embraces you as you close your eyes, smile curling up on your face. The perfumes from the various flowers waft in the air, a pleasant, light fragrance. The air tastes clean and crisp upon the tip of your tongue. And all you need to do is to lay down and listen as the breeze runs through the field – a light whistle in fresh spring.

Imagine again.

Imagine the clear, sapphire ocean. Your body light, your movements fluid underwater. Rays of the sun cast into the sea in diagonal strips, the water silhouetting its marble lines where the waves met. Embracing your temporary moments of being able to breathe underwater, you take in the colours of the undersea – the colourful corals, reefs, marine life – and relish the salt, cerulean waters you swim in.

And imagine one more time.

Imagine the opal, cobblestone pathways. You hear the chattering and laughter of children. While you see them dart around, playing at the weaving roads, you smile at the bright colours painted over the beautiful architecture, its facades lining the streets. In this colourful town, your nose picks up the fragrance of barbecue, of celebrations. And as you taste the delectible cuisines, you let yourself soak in the occasion at sunset, where the indigo sky is lit up with the bursting colours of fireworks.

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