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BEDA 2013.1 #13: Detox, a Micro-Fic Series, Part 2.

DETOX, Part 2

“Rickson Watt…”

“Rickson Watt…” her newest client put a file on her desk. Stephen Chung, the owner of a private museum, came into her office first thing that particular morning. Smart and suited, he stood outside Lyra’s office before she came in for the day, juxtaposed in her hoodie and jeans.

“… owner of The Tea House,” Stephen explained, “Tea connoisseur, entrepreneur, and a previous manager of my museum.”

Pouring over the file as she took a sip from her morning tea (thin and milky, typical), Lyra put her to-go cup down before she looked over the file, “What did he steal?”

Her potential client paused, still standing on the other side of her desk. Lyra put the file down and gestured to the seat in front of her, “It’s rather simple. Mr. Watt is clearly easy to contact. The Tea House is accessible to the public, getting to him is easier and makes more economic sense than going through a middle person.”

“I see you’re experienced.”

“I’m also busy,” Lyra took another sip of her tea, her head gesturing to another stack of files on her in-tray, “Depending on the urgency of your case, there is no guarantee for your case,” she dropped her empty cup into her bin, “Even if you are a walk-in.”

Stephen sighed, “I believe information from your dealings remain confidential,” Lyra nodded, and he continued, “Before he left, Rickson was liaising with a few auctioneers with regards to a collection of hairpins from Qing Dynasty China. Just as he left, the deal left with him. Our museum lost…”

Lyra raised her hand. He stopped.

“I get paid by the hour,” she started, “And I’ll need a deposit.”

Stephen whipped out a cheque book, “How much?”

“Where can you find Rickson Watt?”

“The Bellini.”


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