BEDA 2013.1 #7: The First Quarter

Some people feel that 2013 is speeding past. I actually think it feels longer than three months, maybe it’s because so many things have happened within that period of time. Then again, it somehow feels like 2012 never ended. Let’s take a look at how things went, shall we?

In the span between January to now, I’ve…

  • Done business writing on contract for a company-incorporation organisation.
  • Submitted two short storie.s for two separate competitions in the United Kingdom.
  • Written a flash fic for Vellum & Ink.
  • Revised and re-revised about what to do with Vellum & Ink.
  • Written a flash fic piece for Speculative Fiction Writers’ Singapore.
  • Submitted to Every Day Fiction again.
  • Went for Yoga once a week since January.
  • Went for Spin class once a week since February.
  • Started going for Body Combat classes.
  • Finished a Bible Study course.
  • Finished Trina Othello Section 1.
  • Attended countless events, flea markets, book launches, and it’s still not all of them.
  • Got attached (to the awesomest person ever. Yeah, I’m not single anymore).
  • Snuck to JB for go-kart and karaoke.
  • Had my head filled with countless story ideas I have yet to put on paper.
  • Still seeing my dad through his recovery.
  • Long distance night cycling!
  • Dance Central-ed like crazy.
  • Rekindled my love for Pinball.
  • Expanded my collection of stuff and started a new album for BMO =)
  • Caught up on the Vlogbrothers (HOW THE HELL DID I TAKE THIS LONG TO FIND THEM?!)

So that’s the list of stuff I’ve done in 2013 so far. At least, all the stuff I could remember. And as I’m typing this, still amazed at the fact that I still remember how to sew after so long of not doing so, here’s to a better rest of the year!

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