BEDA 2013.1 #4: Accompanied by The Cloud Atlas Sextet

Note: The following post was a session of free writing while listening to “The Cloud Atlas Sextet” (both Piano and Orchestra) from Cloud Atlas, the film. Hope you all can somehow, make sense of it.


There are many things in the world we do not understand. Yet, we like to believe that we do, that we own that knowledge. I guess that is probably what turns people off the notion of learning, be it about what we do, something we had no background in, about life. The fact of us having to admit our ignorance is something too much for the average person to bear, is it not?

It can be amazing, how the human psyche works.

We can study the mind all we want – case studies, precedents, reading, observation – but no one can really pin down what goes on in anyone’s mind in any point in time for sure. Human behaviour differs from one another, but at the same time, human behaviour is never isolated to the actions of a single person.

Whatever we do and say affects others. If not at the moment, it may later on. If not the people around you, then probably a passerby.

Therefore the constant question of “why?”. Why do we do what we do? Why did that person help the other? Why did that person kill so many?

The criminality in human nature and the humanity in who we call, “criminals”.

Or is it just a question of the self? We are aware of such situations, such issues, and yet we coax ourselves to sleep at night because there’s barely anything we can do about it. Despite all that, the questions still linger at the back of our heads, popping up occassionally when the rest of your thoughts are not looking.


End note: So that’s it for BEDA #4. See you again for tomorrow’s post!

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