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Muse Moment: Going Home

Muse MomentAs some of you will know, Joyce and I set up this collective known as Vellum & Ink, to create more genre fiction and promote more local authors and titles. Recently, I wrote a flash fic piece under the theme of “Reunion”, to mark Lunar New Year. Therefore, I’d like to share this with all of you, hope you all enjoy this!


Going Home

“So when will you go home?”

The question he overheard echoed in Min-Yan’s head as he smiled to himself, his fingers wrapped around a cup which he put on the wooden table top. The word ‘home’ never meant much to him, it was something he never really remembered, to be exact.

Min-Yan knew the Silk Road like the back of his hand, transporting silk from China, travelling through Mongolia, trading with Persians, fighting desert bandits, and stopping at Constantinople, where a few days rest were just the turnaround for him to bring tea leaves back to where he came from. To him, home was nothing more than the passing taverns and inns, or the tent he had on the back of his horse.

Now sitting in a tavern among other travellers, the question lingered in his head. His fingers tapped against the table, the chatter of surrounding travellers in the background, and the cool breeze of the night flowing through the windows. In the midst of the hustle, he retreated upstairs.


He opened the windows, gazing out his room, the moonshine casting a beam on the floor. Inhaling the night air, he opened his eyes at a familiar sound – crackling.

Lifting himself off his chair and to the window sill, Min-Yan watched as the celebrations started, with rows of firecrackers going off as children screamed in excitement, and families smiled in awe.

Feeling a smile creep from the edge of his mouth, the memories trickled with each crack, flowing back with each laugh; His life before the Silk Road, where he came from, each coming back under the full moon.

The next morning had him load his horse with a smile.

“Great business today?” the innkeeper asked as he left.

“No,” Min-Yan said, “I’m going home.”


If you would like to find out more about Vellum & Ink, the local literary scene, and what we do, you can find more information here as well.

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