Muse Moment

Muse Moment: The Imaginarist

Muse MomentAnd this is my first post of 2013! Since I’ve been trying to settle into the new year with a load of other stuff, here’s a glossary of something I came up with on the last few days of 2012. Enjoy.


Imaginarists: Drifters who feed on the negativity of others, planting a disintegrating virus on their aura cycle, creating the vicious cycle that will in turn breed psychological toxicity, resulting in lack of inspiration, broken dreams, and drained souls.

They target their victims by reading the concentration of desire in their auras before drawing their victims closer to feed on the negative aura. The final blow is to capture these victims with a visual device (usually a camera, drawing, or painting). Upon doing so, their victims will be bound to these Imaginarists, involuntarily returning to them despite their dislike of the person, until their souls are completely drained and they become monotonous.

To date, the only known way to diminish an Imaginarist is to have them take a visual representation of themselves, which will implode the aura cycles. Imaginarists are known to blend with photographers and videographers. They are born from the constant increase in residual negativity in their psyche, therefore resulting in what people in the Physical Reality call Dissociative Personality. Without being tended to, they spiral deeper into the shadows and become Imaginarists. They are a common bane through the Eos.


Yeah, it’s very much like a glossary term for an Urban Fantasy-Crime thing I’m keeping in view. I do hope it sounds intriguing enough, since there are other aspects that have been laid down but not featured here. This is probably something I’ll be working on the next Camp NaNoWriMo or similar, while I work on my Debut Dagger 2013 entry for the time being.

With that being said, here’s to a great 2013!!

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