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Book Bites: Writer Bios over the Years

Book BitseI was writing a bio for a collective Joyce and I will be launching the start of 2013 when I decided to look for some spark in my previous bios from my anthologies. So I thought it’ll be interesting to look at how my Writer Bios have “evolved” since my first publication in 2009.


Happiness at the End of the World (2009)

Joelyn Alexandra (Yep), 21, just wants to deduce like Sherlock Holmes, debate like Plato, create like Frank Lloyd Wright, break out in dance like those in Fame and write like herself. She is a member of the Happy Smiley Writers Group.


Bubble G.U.M. (2010)

Joelyn Alexandra Yep, 22, most people say she’s insane, some say she’s classified. It could be due to the fact that she writes crime fiction with a hybrid of historical, action, and thriller fiction. She indulges in art history, latin jazz, and martial arts and has her online base at


CERIPH Issue #4 – The White Issue (2011)

Crime Fiction Nut, Genre-Literate, Brand Communicator, Adventure Member, Martial Artist wannabe, Social & Feminist Issues Student, Classified Info. Joelyn Alexandra is a Brand Communicator indulging in literary crime fighting against the evils of discrimination, social injustice, and bad writing. She can be found Twittering with the handle @joelynalexandra or musing/ blogging/ free-range writing at


Ayam Curtain (2012)

When not busy with life, Joelyn Alexandra can be found indulging in literary crime fighting, involuntary dance, pinball, and being a general enigma. She can be found Twittering with the handle @joelynalexandra, updating her portfolio at, or blogging/ musing/ free-range writing at


So there you go, maybe I’ll just shorten it to “She’s an enigma. She doesn’t even know herself.” next year. If I get something out next year. Hee.

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