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Eternal Sights of the Spotted Kind: Putting Things Out There

Eternal Sights

“Aim for the stars, so if you do fall, you still fall among the clouds.”

I just want to put some things out there – a pondering vision that has gotten me feeling contemplative whenever.

These days, I’m sure people will agree with the fact of our governments, managements, and whoever’s in charge of some form of planning have been asking this question over and over again – what do you want to see in 10 years?

Let me indulge myself here:


While I do admit, I’ve never seen how one works, or even been to a physical one, the idea always struck me as intriguing. Imagine something like an Arts School, only that no one’s in a formal classroom setting – everyone’s creating, everyone at their own pace and inspiration.

Think – Central Amphitheatre for rehearsals, skits, and musicals. Black Boxes for experimental performances. Galleries specialising in various forms of visual arts, with accompanying workshops and studios for each artist to create and develop their skills. Recording studios for jamming sessions, and musicians to record their own pieces. “Inspiration” rooms (I like to call them that, shush) for writers to just sit, have coffee (or whatever hot beverage they want), and create away.

All this coordinating with various Art Organisations, set up to promote local talent without that kind of defined definition of what “Singapore Art” should be we seem to be hard-pressed about in Singapore. And spaces for artists to stay while they carry on with their projects or event spaces for various Art Events (big, small, and everything in between). I’d like that.

We do have outlets currently – the Goodman Arts Centre serves as a great example of how artists in Singapore have an outlet, a voice. So just to put things out there, I do hope to see (or contribute) to seeing a more vibrant Arts Scene, one we can all appreciate, be proud of, and love without the incessant need for definitions and KPIs.

Just sayin’.

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