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Book Bites: When He Was A Kid

Book BitseThis is Boey…

I won’t lie, he’s kind of a big deal.

Max, Sarah, and I went to Boey’s session, organised under World Voices, held at The Play Den, The Arts House. Dr Gwee Li Sui was moderator that night, so he was speaking to a few people before we entered. The guy in the picture at the top there? That’s Cheeming Boey, a Malaysian artist with a totally awesome biographical comic (“When I Was a Kid”).

I bought a copy of “When I Was a Kid” for my cousins and gave the complimentary Sharpie to Max before we entered.

Now, before the talk actually started, I had to “chope” Boey for a bit, mostly because my cousin was a huge fan and she could not make it. Therefore, she asked Boey for a little favour, which he did so really nicely.

It was a request from my cousin who couldn’t be there that night and sent me a message to show to Boey.



So after showing us some videos and other cool stuff, he got down to his journey as an artist – a mixture of anecdotes about his family life and what happened as a student in school. I guess the most amusing story was the inspiration behind his life stories on his blog – – that also brought out the phrase of the day (one told to him by his mother):

“Don’t be too naive, you’ll get cheated one day.” (He said it in Mandarin, which translated to – “不要太天真, 你會被人騙.”)

Because apparently, the artist/ author who inspired him with these non-sequitor, slice-of-life comics – titles like, “I Went to College and it was OK” – did not exactly tell his life story in the books. Everyone laughed.

Boey and Gwee listening to questions.
Boey and Gwee during Q & A Part 2. Hee.

The questions later came, where he talked about his trip down Route 66 (in the US), where it was just him and his car. The story about him in a drive-thru motel and a Gatorade bottle was incredibly amusing though. Hee.

While I’ve tweeted this before, I will say it again. Of all the author sessions I’ve attended, I’d say Boey’s probably one of, if not the most entertaining. I guess it’s also because I greatly admire that leap of faith he took when he decided to keep and leave his job (looked incredibly fun, but I shall not delve) at Blizzard. At this point, there was a voice at the back of my head going, “What are you afraid of?”

Nonetheless, I think I speak for myself and almost all the people there when I say I really enjoyed myself. To get some crazy entertainment and find out more about Boey himself (or his art), click here.

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