Weekend Missions: Marina Bay Sands Beanstro

Simply put, we ended up here because we rejected the call to be Storm Chasers. Sarah had a class to teach at Gardens by the Bay but the lightning was so terrible, she decided get a lift instead.

Making our way back to Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Mintea and I decided to try out Beanstro, a supposedly different cousin of our usual hangout – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

There was one thing about it though, since it’s MBS in al its luxury, there’s always a queue for people who want middle-range, but classy fare. Despite all that, we got our seats in about 15 minutes.

Nice napkins.

The Mains somehow did not appeal to us at first glance. Instead, we went for the All-Day Breakfast section (like some of us do at our usual CBTL joint) together with a side of Mozzarella Fritters, as decided by our psychic powers.

One great thing about well-done cheese/ mozzarella sticks or fritters is not about the saltiness but more about the texture. Beanstro’s fritters did not disappoint with its smooth terxture and subtle flavours. What I did like about the side was how you can taste the herbs in the breading, not to mention the salsa that just complements the dish – a sweet-spicy concoction that cuts through any richness that can prove to be too much at a certain point. According to Mintea, there was a subtle taste of olives present (I don’t like olives, by the way) but it merged very well with the tomatoes, spices, and cheese.

The mains we had (Breakfast platter for myself and Steak & Eggs for Mintea) came soon after. In a hot plate. That’s point number one – any meat served on a hot plate gets a tick in my book.

Beanstro’s all-day breakfast platter.

To many people, certain components of an English Fry-Up can make or break the dish. Generally, an English Fry-Up would consist of Bread, Eggs, Bacon/ Ham, Sausages, and Mushrooms (sometimes with tomatoes but not all the time). For me, it’s the bread, scrambled eggs, and mushrooms. I’m a mushroom freak (mycophobes, beware!) so if my mushrooms aren’t done well, it’s a major demerit. One of my biggest peeves about sauteed mushrooms out there, especially – mushroom stalks are too woody.

The mushrooms here have no problems – the woody flavour is just right, and it is succulent to the bite. The eggs were scrambled the way I like it – solid on the outside but still runny and soft on the inside. All these juices, together with the flavour of the turkey bacon and chicken sausages, ended up merging at the bottom of the plate, the perfect stock for the fluffy baguette to soak up.

My verdict? I’d go back for their breakfast again. Especially with Mintea’s recommendation for their Steak & Eggs (I tried a little bit of it, you can taste the rosemary within the meat!) It’ll definitely be on the pricey side, but I guess it’s something I can deal with, since it’s MBS and I don’t go there often.

Nonetheless, I would recommend the place. If you could get past the long-ish queue and the higher prices.

As I finish off though, let me leave you with a phrase that we echoed through the meal, “I can’t wait to get better 3G so that I can tweet about how good the food is!”

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