Weekend Missions: CORGI!!!!!

Sarah had a birthday idea for Raven one day, and it turned out to be a Corgi gathering at the Botanical Gardens! So we hauled ourselves up early that Sunday morning to the Botanical Gardens.

That being said, I only have one additional line for this post:

“The words are irrelevant, the Corgis are not.”


Saying hello to each other as we arrived that morning.
Gathering outside Casa Verde. The Corgis were generally jumpy and excited.
Off for our walk!
Corgis frolicking in the grass. Some of them have different owners but are actually siblings.
Gigi taking a rest. I managed to remember only a few names, got mixed up with some of them. Gigi was one of the friendlier ones – she loved getting pats. Hee. I had to create rapport with some of them for Raven to pat later.
We dubbed this one backpack Corgi! It was quite clever though, the backpack stored treats.
Group shot! Many thanks to the Corgi Owners in Singapore =)

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Missions: CORGI!!!!!

  1. Thank you for your invitation for all Corgi Owners to meet up at w/c park or in some pet-café. I am Billy – owning a 2 years old imported Corgi from Australia.
    Looking to meet up with other owners of Corgis, especially one with a suitable male Corgi to cross with. Would like to meet up for a coffee and further discuss.
    I live at No. 5 Warwick Road Singapore 138995.
    Tel: +65 6282 0846

  2. Hi Billy,

    Thank you for your comment. This post of mine was done more than a year ago to just share what had happened when we were guests at a Corgi meetup.

    Perhaps you could try contacting groups of Corgi Owners in Singapore itself?

    Thanks for reading!

    ~ Joelyn Alexandra

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