Weekend Missions: “What do you do with a B.A. in English?”

I told myself this will not be a review. Then again, it’ll probably end up not being a review anyway. Nonetheless, this was how last Saturday went on…

I missed the first round that came to Singapore, so I found out they were coming again, I had to go. Just as well because Max wanted to go as well so we both went. We got B Reserve seats, which are after the first partition of the Sands Theatre. It was a good view, near enough to see the puppets, but also far enough so that we did not have to crane our necks.

Before we head into the general scheme of things, here’s a bit of background on Avenue Q:

I always describe it as an adult version of Sesame Street, mostly because of the similarities in the puppet characters. However, it’s a bit more than that. Avenue Q is a combination of social issues (that people seem to avoid, in my opinion), harsh realities, and madcap hilarity.

The musical follows protagonists Princeton (a graduate in English) and Kate Monster (a monster who teaches Kindergarten kids) as they experience the things that probably hit us the hardest in life.

Also, if you’ve been watching YouTube videos, yes, they had their famous “The Internet is For Porn”, “It Sucks to be Me”, “There is Life Outside Your Apartment” and many other great songs.

So without putting in any spoilers, here’s what I thought:

  • Incredibly hilarious, I think I’ve said that too much.
  • It sticks in your head – which also makes you think about the issues they bring up.
  • I love how they can get very politically incorrect as well – it’s the hard truth, isn’t it?
  • They had great singers, especially the singers for Lucy the Slut & Kate Monster, as well as Princeton & Rod, who managed to voice for both characters in the same scene at times.
  • The entire musical had great pace, Kate Monster’s finish just before the Intermission acted as a great hook to continue, but didn’t leave too many things hanging from the first half.

Max managed to get the soundtrack during the Intermission, though we did hope for more merchandise to be around. The lack of merchandise did not exactly take away that much of the atmosphere.

So yes, that’s pretty much what happened at Avenue Q on Saturday. There were a few unexpected surprises during the second half itself, and there were a lot of laugh-out-loud and what-is-this?! moments throughout.

If Avenue Q goes to where you are then, I’d say catch it. You’ll exit the theatre laughing and smiling, just make sure it’s not because of Schadenfreude. Hee.

P/S – The Intermission animation was SO ADORABLE =)

P/P/S – The Bad Idea Bears (think anti-Jiminy the Cricket) sound like a conversation between Max and Sarah. If not now, I’m going to get nightmares soon. A-Hah!

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