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Book Bites: Aesop x BooksActually

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To mark their 25th Anniversary, Aesop partnered with Books Actually with an event featuring the favourite stories of their staff.

Max joined me for this literary night.

Cyril Wong, the first reader of the evening.
The crowded bookstore. Thanks Max, for getting better shots for me! (Because you know, he’s taller.)

Like many other Books Actually events, the bookshop was packed. There were 10 readers, all of whom were local authors, reading 10 different passages from various publications.

We were standing at the back, so we were relying on our ears and craning necks to listen to the readings. There were some stories and readers that struck out rather well (I’m not going to say much because I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone):

Verena Tay, reading Arabian Nights

Verena Tay’s a storyteller, so I was looking forward to her rendition on the story. Indeed, I loved how her voice changed with every scene, adjusting accordingly to every dialogue. Arabian Nights on its own has a very mystical feel, and Verena managed to enhance its mood.

Ng Yi-Sheng, reading Middlesex

Ng Yi-Sheng has always been a very interesting storyteller, and this was no exception. The scene he chose was from a very personal point of view, on the topic of hermaphrodites. I enjoyed how he maintained the calm tone, yet was able to intrigue the audience to the story.

Jason Lundberg, reading 1Q84

I never really got past how I find Haruki’s work to be floaty (like you’re floating around scattered thoughts that somehow weave together, leaving you tired). The scene Jason chose was in the beginning but as he carried on, it became rather personal, as if you were in the scene itself, a bystander at the corner of the street.

Other readers that night included Cyril Wong, Daren Shiau, Eric Valles, and Madeleine Lee to name a few.

Do stay tuned to Books Actually’s weekly events – they have great line-ups and activities that will amaze and interest you.

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