Weekend Missions: The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad

It’s Volume Three!!!

This time, the Real Escape Game Singapore came with Volume 3 – The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad. Held at Power House in St. James Power Station, we went for the session on 29th September, 5:30PM.

Pre-Game, we were walking around the Power Station building, as the entrance to Power House was at the back. The red brick exterior and close-to-empty place (it only comes alive at night) really made it feel like a Real Escape Game location.

Our group was Max, Mintea, Raven, Sarah, myself, and two other Japanese ladies who joined us.

This time, we didn’t really have to escape anything, but we had to find Dr. Mad’s discovered key to human prosperity and longevity (Some of you might already know the answer now, but save it first).

The puzzles this time were fun. On the hard scale of all the escapes I participated in, I’d give you a hint on difficulty level:

(From the Most Challenging to the Least):

  1. Vol. 2: Escape from Werewolf Village
  2. REG Online Vol. 1: Escape from the Haunted House
  3. Vol. 3: The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad
  4. Vol. 1: Escape from the Cathedral

Also, unlike the previous offline games, this one added a new twist – there was no guessing the answer on the answer sheet now because there were different areas that were puzzle-locked before we could get to the end.

Now here comes the frustrating part…

We didn’t escape.


As we went through the answers, we realised we had the correct code – the lock was stuck and sticky. It took five of us pulling and pulling at the lock three or four times each before it’s hesistant lock buckle come out.

Therefore, we didn’t escape not because we were far off track, but because of TECHNICAL PROBLEMS. I won’t lie to you, that was a very “flip-table” moment.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves with the puzzles and had one winner from our session. They’d also escaped from Volumes 1 and 2 as well. Congratulations!

So there you go, I only have my escape from the Online Real Escape Game so far. However, we are looking forward to Vol. 4… the first Real Escape Game for 2013…


I’m considering if we should go as pirates for the next one. Hee.

For more information on the Real Escape Game, click here.

P/S – We all agreed that if we were all stuck together in a place, we have a good enough team to solve our way out anyway =)

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