Weekend Missions: Letters to STGCC Day #2

Let’s open with one of the great cosplays in Day #2, shall we?

Korra and Asami!


To the Panelists from Epigram Books

Dave and Sonny Liew on the big screen! Panel on making comics by our regional artists, moderated by Paradigm Infinitum’s Adan Jimenez =)

We’ve read the samples and cannot wait to read the rest of it. Thank you for keeping the creative hope running in Singapore – we look forward to your works!


Dear Epigram Books

Thank you for your constant support to the Singapore Literary Scene! We hope to see more local publications to come (especially more genre fiction =)). Also, looking forward to the new graphic novels coming out later this year!


Dear Andy Diggle

“Make your own comics, you don’t need permission.”

Let me translate it for myself – create, you don’t need permission. Thank you for reminding us – we create for ourselves and for our passion. Thank you.


Dear Mashi (Wendy Chew)

Bought your Art Book last year so I saw no excuse for not getting your new Sketchbook this year. And it was awesome! Great to see more of your Art =)


Dear Army of Lokis

Here’s a Loki, there’s a Loki, and another evil Loki…

Three words: You were amazing =)

Another three words: Love you all!!


Dear Fans of Adventure Time

Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Fionna, and LSP. Photo courtesy of Sarah Coldheart.
Thanks Max for taking this! And taking care of all our stuff when people were asking for photos. Hee.

Here you go, you guys rock!


Dear Back and Shoulders

I apologise for the constant bag dropping due to the many requests for pictures today. And yesterday, though many photo requests were from our side. Hee. I hope the rest from one and a half weeks have gotten you all back to normal.


So yes, that’s it for the STGCC letters this year, looking forward to next year where we decide if we want to cosplay as a group again. (Oh! And greater swag!) Hee.

What they said.
No, no you can’t. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

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