Weekend Missions: Letters to the people of the STGCC Day 1

Dear Boey

The ponies of the day, Max, and Boey. Photo courtesy of Max =)

Thank you for doing what you do – the book I got was awesome =). Also, we’re glad you liked the “refreshments” we got you. Hee. And yes, you are the best.


Dear Exhibitors

Trobox, one of the companies displaying there – its a 3D printer.
Zaneeds was there as well – a Vocaloid take on our Merlion.

Collateral Damage Studios, Comix Pandora, Dooodolls, Maharani, and many other people: You are all awesome  =). Without you, STGCC won’t be as awesome as it is and we won’t have great swag! Looking forward to more stuff in the years to come!


Dear Cosplayers

The awesome Power Girl and Super Girl =)
More characters from Marvel and DC =)

Every cosplayer is a hero(ine) in his/ her own right and does it for the love of their characters, series, or a whole list of other reasons. You all rock and no convention will be a convention without you guys =).

P/S – Also, parents who dressed their children up, you’re doing it right =)


Dear Reed Exhibitions

I’ll be frank, the booths were better this year, though I still hoped for more Kinect stuff (but that’s just me). Also, we do appreciate the Nescafe and Fanta booths and their drinks. And while the makeshift cafe was under Marina Bay Sands, it’s not as bad as we were expecting, so good job on that.

Now, we were just hoping that you’ll still take one thing into account: YOUR TICKETING.

Those in the queue to collect pre-ordered tickets have taken the trouble to pre-order their tickets online, I was hoping that the least you could do was to have more counters for this and a more efficient way of letting them collect their tickets besides asking for their names (What happens if their names are common?!). Maybe barcodes or serial numbers will help speed things up? Because the Cash line was moving faster than the Online collection line.

Also, I appreciate the fact that every buyer gets a STGCC bag – but I did feel that it’ll be more efficient if the bag was given upon entrance or somewhere nearer the entrance and not at the Cash counter. Again, some of us bought physical tickets before the Convention to AVOID the extra queue.

Last thing – we didn’t really have any ticket stubs for a keepsake. While I can put that aside, giving us the smaller “Two-Day Ticket” tab is kinda asking for a lot of problems later. Put it simply, the small stub is barely larger than my thumb, I can keep it well in my wallet but what about people who have no pockets or no access to anything to keep something that small for the moment?

So yeah, that’s my piece.


Dear Adventure Crew and friends

Our MLP: Friendship is Magic group =). Photo courtesy of Raven Silvers.
With Pinkie Pie, Max, and Death Eater Hopeily =). Photo courtesy of Mintea.
Us and Judacris! Photo courtesy of Sarah.
Max trying to fend off a saber fighter with a pink glow stick.

Even if the events we go to turn out to be crazy boring, we’ll still find ways to make it lively. STGCC 2012 was great, but I guess it wouldn’t be so awesome if I didn’t go with you all! It’s always great to see new people and just amuse ourselves by creating our own fun. So yes, onward to Day 2!!!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Missions: Letters to the people of the STGCC Day 1

  1. Stumbled upon here by googling my group’s name. Thank you~ A convention is not complete with the con-goer. So be sure to thank yourself for making the con lively too! And not sure if you bought anything from us, but thank you for the shout-out.

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