BEDA #31: The Third Round

So ends my third round of Blog Every Day in August/ April, and this time, you cannot believe how relieved I am.

This August has been a month of many reflections and actions – my new job, Camp Nanowrimo (actually getting down to writing (and trudging, sometimes) my first draft, as long as I had my first draft), great things happening to friends, not-so-great things happening to friends… all that jazz.

For me, I’m still writing, finding myself – pretty much waiting to earn my “Cutie Mark”, if you want me to tie it to the last post. I would say almost a quarter of the work is done, and there’s plenty more to come, that’s for sure.

At the end of the day, I do look forward to the years to come – 2012 was the year of action, 2013 is probably going to be the year of new discovery =)

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