BEDA #30: Apple Buckin’

I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and for the fun of it, Sarah matched a pony in the main gang to the people in the Adventure Crew. As you can see from the title, I got Applejack. While I was rather puzzled at the selection, I started watching the series itself and then I understood why.

Applejack is an Earth Pony working on Apple Acres, one of the many Apple Orchards in the Apple family. Together with her brother, Big Macintosh, little sister, Apple Bloom, and grandmother, Granny Smith, they run the Apple Orchard, make Apple products, and all that jazz.

Like Applejack, I have quite a big family, extended families from both my parents and grandparents. And like Applejack, I always wanted to get out of my current situation and be someone totally different from everyone in my family (she did that looking for her Cutie Mark – for those who watch the series).

While I still do want to explore my options in life, I do know that I don’t live just for myself, in the whole grand scheme of things. My family is your typical multi-tier building block of whatever some people like to label us – we work for our money, we pay our taxes, what not.

And maybe if we actually ran a business, I’d be more than happy to help them out (without giving up my writing, of course). I guess what I’m trying to say here is that maybe it’s not so bad being known as the “small town” person, I kind of like the feeling of being in the middle – cosmopolitan enough without the throat slashing, but also independent enough to know who I am, or being too attached or dependent on others. In short, my family is not whoI am, but I still carry that essence.

Unlike Applejack though, my “Cutie Mark” is not set, that’s the way life throws us “apples” I guess.

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