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BEDA #27: All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

If you saw my previous post, you’ll know what’s to come.

The Adventure Crew finally made the trip to Hogwarts the ArtScience Museum for the “Harry Potter Exhibition” in Singapore. Together with Mintea, we went with two Ravenclaw students (Raven and Haldir), Luna Lovegood (Sarah), and two Death Eaters with a mini Death Eaters (Mariam, Aisyah, and baby Rosa =)).

Before we went in, the greatest tip from those who have already went was to get the Audio Guide – an additional $6 but it was worth it, very handy as well, since it goes around your neck, you’ll have no worries about keeping your hands free for props and activities.

You entered based on time. Since it was a popular exhibition, tickets were only sold to permit entry by the hour. We went in within the hour of 11 to 11:59AM and as long as you entered within that time, you could take as long as you want within the exhibition.

The entire basement of the ArtScience Museum was plastered in Harry Potter movie posters and décor, so you’ll see the Forbidden Forest from floor to ceiling. We all started with the green screen photo-taking booth – our Adventure Crew calls it the obligatory special commemorative photo, or special photo for short. So it was eight of us with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor scarves =).

The gang says “hi” from our special photo. HAH.

Entrance was funny since we were one of the few people with props and in costume. The guys ticked our tickets off before they saw Mariam and Aisyah. Then they went, “No! No Death Eaters allowed!” in jest.

Jokes aside though, the entrance where they check your tickets (for the correct entry hour) was the last point where you could take photographs. They had people stationed inside so there was seriously no photography allowed.

We entered through the mist wall, walking to the first stage, which is the Sorting Hat. Mintea and another English boy got sorted, getting Slytherin and Gryffindor respectively. Then, it was the introductory movie before the start of the exhibition, where the Hogwarts Express stood waiting.

Yeah, something like that.

The exhibition was elaborate to say the least, that’s where the Audio Guide comes in handy. Most exhibits had accompanying numbers, which you could key into the Audio Guide and listen to a bit of background behind those props or costumes.

As we walked through the halls, the exhibition covered the train station, dormitories, Hogwarts subjects, the Forbidden Forest, Hagrid’s House, the Dark Arts, and the Grand Hall. And if you listen carefully in the Dark Arts section, you may be able to hear *someone* talking to you.

My favourite part was probably the Forbidden Forest, there’s something about the cobalt colour of the skies, the mist, and the forest that brings about some kind of inspiration. Kind of like that feeling you get when you have a dream that you’re actually breathing underwater and you’re looking at the water as the sun rays shine through.

However, I also do see why some people have said it was not something to be totally ecstatic about. The exhibits were beautiful, to say the least, especially the ones in the Great Hall – dress robes, food, and all that – the mood was great. One problem though, the moment we really got into the mood of the exhibition, it ended.

So to put things very frankly, it turned out to be rather anti-climatic. Even with the Audio Guide, it lasted us one hour, tops. The gift shop, while boasting a good variety of merchandise for the fans (the chocolate frogs were delicious =)), was rather pricey, though that was expected.

Hence, all of us walked away with the special photos instead, with some of us getting knick knacks here and there. For more information on this exhibition, click here. The Harry Potter Exhibition in Singapore will be held in the ArtScience Museum until 30 September.

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