BEDA #23: The difference a year can make!

I believe time can create wonderful things. Another way of looking at it would be how time can give people the opportunity to create wonderful things.

One problem, however, is the fact that everyone will always say they can’t get enough time, myself included. It is rather true though, with family, work (in case your chosen path is not associated with your day job), friends, and other things pulling at your arm for your time.

Until, I guess, the desire is strong enough to the point where you sacrifice something to make it happen. For myself and a few others I know, we sacrifice sleep. Or game time, depending. I was looking at a friend’s Facebook Note and he appealed to his friends, and family to grant him one year. One year to do what he wanted.

At that point, I was pondering about what a difference a year can make. And so far, I would say I really hoped I would’ve achieved more, but it’s something I can’t really complain about, especially when I look at my life pre-2008.

I always wanted to write that novel, that novel in my head. Through my years in poly, I found myself writing, scrapping, re-writing, not getting anywhere. It was not until 2008 when I got the guts to enter NaNoWriMo where I met this bunch of awesome people walking down the same route with different shoes.

After that, it has been yearly publications – a far cry from what I hope to achieve, but also a far cry from where I started. And to all my friends and family who had helped make it happen, I express my gratitude.

Now that the baby steps have been taken, I guess there’s no turning back, even with the choices I’ve been making day job-wise. I have my goals written in front of me, so perhaps it’s time for me to think of when I’d like to ask my family to give me that one year.

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