BEDA #22: 10 Minute Sprint

This is probably going to be the most random post I’ve ever thought about – a 10 Minute Sprint of whatever’s on my head for the moment. Since I have 10 minutes before I have to actually get ready to get out of the office, I thought I might as well look at what I could come up with in the spur of the moment.

My cousins are going to my place for lunch later, one of them taking her Preliminary exams before the PSLE exams (Primary Six Leaving Examinations – for elementary level students to go to middle school level) next term. The other one will be taking her ‘O’ Levels next year. After a zodiac cycle past my personal PSLE experience, one would think that the system will change to suit the needs of the coming generations – it all feels the same to me.

I realised I never really thought much about my PSLE, every day was the same for me, especially after the papers. I just knew there was an extended length of school days where we did nothing but had activities, field trips, and games. When the ‘O’ Levels came, however, it was a totally different story.

The PSLE was held during the school term, somewhere in early October and last September. The last time I checked, the ‘O’ Levels are held in early to mid-November, which is essentially a huge bummer because everyone else had their holidays then.

I remembered counting down the number of days and the number of papers down before the exams were all done. I also remembered leaving the exam hall right after the paper was finished because I could not care less on how I would’ve done – I’d rather find out during my results day than scare the heck out of myself with everyone discussing the paper.

So as I come to the end of my 10 Minute Sprint, I’m looking back at the rest of the entry and going, “I have all these thoughts in my mind and the only one that comes out now are the exams that are to come for the schools in Singapore?”


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