BEDA · Muse Moment

BEDA #21: Money for your Soul?

Apology to Ethos

There was something
I have been taught,
Something that bugged
Me, something wrought.

With hidden agendas,
And thinned out strings.
With one eye closed,
And the rewards it brings.

It’s no one’s fault
If the answers were right there.
It’s none of your business,
You never knew enough to care.

Merely a job, an obstacle:
You needed that trophy.
A trophy to keep your soul,
It keeps you from money.

With eighty six thousand,
Four hundred to trudge,
You with the silver spoon:
Who might you be to judge?

Their churning won’t stop,
I’ll have no excuse.
The leaks, the rain drops,
It’ll culminate to abuse.

I am but a slave,
Life and death cannot mean much.
I can only but hope
That my soul, will bear my touch.

Joelyn Alexandra

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