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BEDA #17: Lens Chronicles – The Surge (Micro Fic)

She took a step, her hand careful on the door, the creaking hinges barely audible.

Barely tall enough to see it entirely, Evie craned her neck, attempting to catch a glimpse of her father’s obsession. From where she stood, it presented itself – a black box with brown lining, its top corner visible from the edge of the desk.

Going deeper into the study, the gravity of her father’s work enveloped her; a chill of excitement sent a shiver that did little to distract her from her curiosity.

What powers did it conceal, strong enough to keep her father in his study for weeks?

Now at his table, eyes hardly reaching above the table top, her fingers trembled. Temptation shot through her system as she heard the throbbing of her own heart, pumping like a drum as her fingers reached out.

As skin touched metal, Evie heard a scream.


She turned in shock, but another surge ran through her blood, causing her to fall back in shock, into her father’s arms.

Cradled, Evie’s eyes remained still and locked, her father’s worried breathing sounded in the background. She knew not of its power, but she knew it would be about time until their next meeting.

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